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With the highest purity, potency, and flavor, Oklahoma Pure has quickly become a pioneer of cannabis oil production, as we continue to pave the way in industry standards and innovation in the state of Oklahoma.

We are proud of the incredible legacy we are continuing to build. It is the passion and dedication of our phenomenal team that has pushed the boundaries to set us apart and makes waves in the cannabis industry. Oklahoma Pure utilizes innovative closed loop technology, which ensures no contaminants are exposed to the product.

Engineered to produce only the purest concentrates. Only trained and certified extraction lab technicians command our innovative production system. It’s unique design provides for the safe and effective production of botanical materials, while still preserving the plant’s original characteristics, including flavor and aroma.

Creating clean, consistent, quality products
at an affordable price.

All through safe, environmentally friendly business practices…

Medical patients often have compromised immune systems that can make them particularly susceptible to any number of environmental factors. Oklahoma Pure goes to great lengths to ensure that its products can be used by patients with the same degree of safety as other medicines and/or treatments. Our stringent testing process ensures better results so we can set the standard for safe, reliable, and pure cannabis products.

Why Concentrates?

Enhanced Potency | Faster Relief | More Efficient | Better Flavor

Cannabis concentrates have the potential to address Arthritis, ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, and a wide variety of other disorders.


• BHO Agitated Until it Forms a Smooth & Thick Consistency
• High Terpene Potency
• Easy to Handle
• Great for Medicating Away from Home
• Great, Cost Effective Option


• Micro-THCa Isolate Forming
• Easy to Handle
• High Potency
• Great for Medicating Away from Home
• Cost-Effective Alternative to (Live) Diamonds

Apple Sauce

• Oklahoma Pure’s Signature Consistency
• Whipped Batter with Forming THCa Isolate
• Perfect Blend of Potency & Flavor
• Easy to Handle
• Great, Cost Effective Option


• Our Highest Terpene Potency Product
• THCa Isolate Forms in the Sauce with Time
• Harder to Handle, but the Best Option for Patients who want a Strong Terpene Profile
• Sub-Zero Extraction Completely Preserves Original Plant Profile


• High Cannabinoid Potency
• Extremely Easy to Handle
• Most Cost Effective Option
• Easiest to Handle While On the Go

Live Diamonds

• Isolated THCa in its Purest Form
• High Cannabinoid Potency
• High Terpene Potency
• Clear Terpene Profile Reflects Flower
• Cannabinoid & Terpene profile


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Seed to Sale : Grower Relationships

We pride ourselves on processing the highest quality cannabis in the state

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, consumer desire to understand product origin is evident. Oklahoma Pure hand-picks its cultivation farms after witnessing first-hand the methods and processes they use to grow their highest quality strains. Our chosen partners pride themselves in their commitment to a quality, pesticide-free grow. Most importantly, our strains are specifically selected and nurtured for their unique medicinal effects.

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Our Story

“Many years ago, my father-in-law suffered an accident at work, forcing him to retire early. The multiple back surgeries that followed could never make him whole. I watched my father-in-law struggle for years with chronic back and neck pain. From dance recitals to baseball fields, I saw him fight through the suffering just to be able to watch his grandchildren as they grew up.

The opioids he was prescribed helped at first, but even those could never conquer the pain. Taking 6 or 7 painkillers daily caused him to experience mood swings, drowsiness, anger, and agitation. This all changed with the help of medical marijuana as a form of alternative treatment.

After using the tincture, the creams, and the pills containing THC and CBD, we rapidly saw improvement back to the cheerful, happy man we had all known. More importantly, after only a few weeks, the 6 or 7 opioids a day went to 1 or 2 a week!
I had always thought the health claims of cannabis were just snake oil salesmen peddling their wares. Then I saw it for myself. This wasn’t a paid spokesperson or an actor on TV; this was a real person that I knew, with real injuries and pain, finding relief for the first time thanks to medicinal cannabis.

That’s when I knew marijuana has real value for those in pain. I knew then, when it became legal to do so, I would make it my mission to manufacture the finest quality medical THC and CBD products for Oklahomans needing relief they can not get from pharmaceuticals.

That’s why Oklahoma Pure takes so much care with the formulation and processing our medicinal products. We are committed to providing you the safest, purest, most effective medical marijuana products on the market.”

– Mike Ervin
Founder & CEO,
Oklahoma Pure

With the highest purity, potency, and flavor, Oklahoma Pure has quickly become a pioneer of cannabis oil production, as we continue to pave the way in industry standards and innovation in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Pure is OMMA Compliant.